Paddy production target soars

It is time to mechanise agriculture

Government's initiative to utilize every inch of land for growing crops to avert any food crisis due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic deserves plaudit.

It is heartening to note that some timely initiatives taken by the government have made it possible to collect more Boro crops than the target set even in the face of the coronavirus disaster. As reported by this daily on Sunday, attempts are now being made to increase the production of Aus and Aman. Reportedly, Aus paddy seeds, Aman paddy seeds, jute seeds and fertilizers have already been distributed among the farmers as incentives.

Over the last ten years various time-befitting policies implemented by the government has brought some revolutionary changes in the country’s agriculture sector. Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in food production and the government’s scheme of rural electrification has played an important role in boosting the country's agricultural production.


initiative to utilize every inch of land

 for growing crops to avert any 

food crisis deserves plaudit

Farmers now get low-cost power-run irrigation facilities. Also, farmers get government subsidy on the bills for consumption of electricity being provided by government to operate their pumps at reduced costs for enhancing food production and ensuring national food security. However, in order to make this production growth sustainable, necessary measures should be devised to integrate advanced technology in the country’s agriculture sector.

It is time to invest in research and development of new technology, and the public and private sector should work together in this regard. All concerned including researchers and agriculture officials should put forth their concerted efforts to boost paddy yield to feed the gradually increasing population of the country. Also, the government needs to provide farmers with adequate transportation facilities so that they are able to reap the full benefit  of their produce.