Pabna farmers lean towards capsicum farming, expect good yield

Published : 27 Mar 2023 09:57 PM

Farmers in northern region are becoming interested in farming with modern technology. Usage of technology can produce high value and non-toxic crops. The agriculture department is emphasizing on this method of farming for safe crop production throughout the year.

A polynet house has been constructed at a cost of Tk 20 lakh under the agricultural development project of the Rajshahi division for the cultivation of high value 'capsicum' fruit in Bakhtarpur of Ishwardi upazila of Pabna. It is being implemented by Ishwardi Upazila Agriculture Extension Directorate. The farmers are seeing the addition of this new and modern technology in Ishwardi agriculture as a ray of hope, said the agricultural officials in the area.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Extension Directorate, Sajahan Ali Badsha alias Pepe Badsha, owner of Ma-Moni Agricultural Farm, an important person in agriculture (AIP) and national award-winning farmer at Bakhtarpur in Salimpur of the upazila, got a polynet house allotted in his farm for the production of high-value safe crops. This entrepreneur has started Capsicum cultivation in polynet house for the first time in his one bigha land. Pepe Badsha said, with the advice and cooperation of the local agriculture department, the Polynet house has been developed to produce safe, high-value crops that are completely toxic-free. It has cost 24 lakhs. Out of this, 20 lakh Tk were given from Rajshahi Division's Agricultural Development Project. The remaining 4 lakh Tk have been spent on their own. Cultivation of capsicum fruit has been started by bringing seedlings from India and under overall management. He said that the saplings were planted last November. 3000 saplings have been planted in one bigha land. The tree has started bearing fruit from the beginning of March. This entrepreneur said, if properly cared for, 15 to 20 fruits can be obtained from a tree. Capsicum weighs more. One kg is in 5-6. It is sold at 3 to 4 hundred Tk per kg. However, in this season, expected results will not be available. This entrepreneur said that the investment money will come up in the next season.

In Polynet house, crops are available a month or two earlier, plants stay fresh for a long time. Pesticides are not required as diseases and pests are less. As a result, it is possible to produce high-value, non-toxic crops through this technology, Ishwardi Upazila Agricultural Extension Officer Mahmudul Alam Khan said. He said, thick and hard stabilized silt has been used in making polynet houses. Even if you walk over it, there will be no damage to the house. Modern irrigation system is provided here through drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and fog irrigation system. Crops will remain intact in natural calamities and as sun rays cannot penetrate inside. He said, Bachata and Inspiration varieties of Capsicum fruit seedlings of the world famous RijkZwaan company have been planted in this polynet house. Ishwardi upazila agriculture officer agriculturist Mita Sarkar said that the farmers of Ishwardi are becoming interested in modern farming methods. The agriculture department is supporting those who want to cultivate in this way. He said enterprising national award winning farmer Sajahan Ali Badshah introduced new methods of agriculture by starting cultivation of high value crop Capsicum in polynet houses. He will get the profit very soon. He said that pollinate houses are very important for producing high value safe non-toxic crops. In this method, high-value crops can be cultivated throughout the year by controlling sun-rain, temperature. The officials told that two more polynet houses have been allotted in the municipal area and Muladuli union of the upazila.