‘Paara Utshob’ reviving social interaction thru cultural prog

Published : 04 Dec 2022 09:04 PM

As a continuation of the regular annual cultural event, “Paara Utshob" was arranged in the Gulshan area at the heart of the capital featuring the traditional activities close to our cultural heritage. The citizens of the area very much enjoyed the moments that were created here and made precious memories with their neighbours and other people from the locality.  "Heroes for All" in cooperation with Gulshan Society and DNCC arranged a day-long program to revive the community in Gulshan. The Founder of the non-profit organization "Heroes for All" Rehnuma Karim actively led the whole event. Tireless efforts by Heroes for All Inc. volunteers and people behind the scenes Sazzad Sohel, Tanvir Ahmed from Gulshan Society along with Shayaan Seraj, Anis Zaman from DNCC team worked together to make this event a successful one. Renowned actress of our country, Azmeri Haque Badhon as well as Salma Adil from Salma Adil Foundation were active parts of the whole arrangement.  Sarfaraz Anwar Upol gave his all-round support and encouragement, and "Moner Manush" gave a tribute on the occasion with the famous National award-winning song - “Achen Amaar Moktar”.  DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam was present on the occasion as the honorable Chief guest. He said, “We want a city where there will be no discrimination. My goal is to build a truly inclusive city where people of all walks of life will be involved. 

‘Para Utshob’ will play an important role in strengthening relations between neighbors and strengthening social bonds. Our children are not getting a chance to play, they have no friends. And that's why an initiative like this is much needed. It will also reduce social injustice and unrest. This is how we want to build Dhaka for all." 

The founder of Salma Adil Foundation, and Safe Hands former official of the Embassy of the United States of America, Ln, Salma Adil, MJF expressed her satisfaction at the mass level engagement of the local people in the "Paara Utshob". She said, " It is delightful to see people of a neighborhood community enjoying traditional cultural activities together. This will revive the social interaction within the locality." 

In the event, there were activities, fun food, games, magic, paintings, music, stand-up comedy, lathi khela, demonstrations of self-defense, street drama etc. and a talent show for everyone in the community. This very successful and unique event was arranged with a belief in having the vision of making the disconnected society connected for some brief but precious moments. Festivals like this inspire us to revive love, care, and support among neighbors and to take pride in our traditions and culture.