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Oxygen crisis might take a disastrous turn at RMCH

Published : 25 Jun 2021 10:00 PM

The death toll in Corona virus infection is continuing in Rajshahi at an alarming rate. At the same time the Corona virus infection in greater districts of Rajshahi division is also on the rise and the authorities of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital are finding it difficult to tackle such a huge number of Corona virus patients at the hospital. 

It is learnt, a total of 274 patients died at the Corona unit of RMCH during the last 25-day ending on Friday morning. The death rate has also surpassed all the previous records. According to sources, 29 more Corona patients died in January 17 in February, 31 in March, 79 in April and 124 in May this year. 

The pressure of the patients with Corona virus symptoms is not also decreasing. Only the patients with breathing problems under their Oxygen level below 90 are being admitted to the hospital, otherwise, other patients are being sent to the home by issuing them the prescriptions. Till Friday morning a total of 423 patients were under treatment at the Corona unit of the hospital. All of these admitted patients are requiring Oxygen support. 

Director of RMCH Brigadier General Shamim Yazdani informed, nearly 8,000 litres of Oxygen are required daily for the patients of the Corona unit of the hospital. Now, supplying Oxygen for such a large number of patients at the hospital is a challenge. Another 'Vaporiser' line has been set up at the hospital for the uninterrupted supply of Oxygen.

Director Yazdani further mentioned, the RMCH authorities have kept prepared the provision of an extra Oxygen supply system for a sudden increase of the pressure of the Corona patients. He added the RMCH has now 183 Oxygen concentrators and 725 Oxygen cylinders kept in store to use. A patient requires a huge quantity Oxygen and that is why a large number of cylinders are required. 200 more cylinders have been added to the present stock for emergency use, he further informed.  

He said there are 20 ICU beds and 69 High Flow Nasal Cannulas in the Corona unit of the hospital. The beds with the systems of nasal cannulas are nearly equal to the ICUs. There were 90 applications for ICU beds as against 20 ICU beds presently at the hospital. As a result, RMCH authorities were trying to increase the number of more ICU beds. 

He further informed three trucks are used daily to supply liquid Oxygen in the hospital. This liquid Oxygen is being vaporized by using vaporizers and is being supplied to every ward of the hospital through pipes. Oxygen ports have been set up beside all beds of the patients from which the patients are getting Oxygen.  

A new vaporizer has been set up at the hospital to ensure uninterrupted flow of Oxygen in case of any disruption. But, the number of patients is increasing continuously. It will not be possible to supply Oxygen to more patients if the number continues to increase, mentioned Director Shamim Yazdani.