Over 50 illegal shops demolished in Subarnachar

Published : 11 Aug 2022 12:18 AM

The administration demolished at least half a hundred illegal shops built by occupying government land in Charbata Union of Subarnachar Upazila of Noakhali. The operation was conducted because the evacuees did not remove the structures from the government premises despite several notices. District Administration Executive Magistrate Debashish Adhikari and Debbrata Das conducted the operation from Wednesday morning to noon. Charjabbar police assisted in the operation. Executive Magistrate Debashish Adhikari confirmed the matter and said that at least 15 occupiers have built more than 50 shops t by occupying government land.

They were repeatedly given notices to remove these installations and vacate the government land. The operation was conducted because the occupants did not move the structures even after being notified by the court again in February this year. This campaign against government land grabbers in the upazila will continue.