Over 4,000 people employed in medium, heavy industries at Moheshpur villages

Published : 05 Mar 2020 09:04 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 12:27 PM

Entrepreneur Mokhlesur Rahman had proved that any medium and heavy industrial units could be established in remote villages where thousands of men and women could be employed. It might have a positive impact on changing the socio-economic state of the disadvantaged people of the villages and contribute to national economy too.

Other entrepreneurs might play role in establishing this sort of industries in their respective localities to ensure job opportunity for the locals and can reduce the pressure on metropolitan cities, said Mokhlesur Rahman.

During a visit at bordering Moheshpur, it was observed that B&T Cables Limited, B&T Cold Storage Limited, B&T Metres Limited and B&T PPL Poles Factory Limited were set up at Purandarpur area in Moheshpur, while, the newly constructed Tushar Ceramics Limited was set up at Chandpur area of Fatepur union. A number of industries were also set up by the entrepreneur elsewhere, it was learnt.

Locals and some employees at various units when contacted said B&T Metres Limited producing digitalized electricity metres. Huge food grains of the local farmers and traders are stored at B&T Cold Storage Limited. Tushar Ceramics Limited has been producing most modern tiles and sending them to Dhaka and other parts of the country. 

The authorities have been ensuring quality during the production and other sections. Entrepreneurs Mokhlesur Rahman, the chairman of B&T Group has been keeping his eyes on every step of the industries with skill and efficient manpower in the remote villages.

Hailing from Tarafder family of Darshana Puratan Bazer area in Chuadanga, Mokhlesur Rahman intended to establish industries at remote village since his childhood. To show respect to his brother in law Bazlur Rahman, the first upazila parishad chairman on Moheshpur, Mokhlesur established PPL, B&T Cables, B&T Metres and B&T Cold Storage in 2003. Earlier in 2000, he established a construction firm at Santoshpur in Jibannagar of his native district.

Passing the engineering course in Chattagram, he joined the Gemcon Group as its chairman and started for own business within five years. Now above 4,000 men and women of the locality have been working with his different units and managing their families.

The challenging entrepreneur said he has been doing well in the remote villages as most of the people are honest and sincere. Further, they are happy as they have been working at their locality with a handsome wages for their families. Mokhlesur Rahman desires to develop more industries in the area for overall development of the rural villages if suitable environment is ensured

Entrepreneurs from other areas should start this sort of activities in their own locality to ensure job for rural people and develop the own lands at other places of the country. It will subsequently reduce the pressure on megacity and other cities. Further, they could contribute in national economy, Mokhlesur Rahman said.