Over 2m to get basic literacy in Mujib Barsho

On occasion of the Mujib year, 2.1 million illiterate women and men will get basic literacy. The programme to provide literacy and basic skills to the illiterate people of 114 upazilas of 60 districts will begin from March next, said officials. Assistant director of Non-Formal Education Bureau, Dr Mosa Fahmida Begum, said: “To implement the project, 114 NGOs will work and through baseline survey, a list of illiterate people between the ages 15 and 45 has been made and the work to appoint and train supervisors is almost over.”

The programme will start as soon as Mujib year begins and 2.1 million illiterate persons will get basic literacy. Fahmida Begum said, “Through the basic literacy programme, reading writing, basic addition, subtraction, division will be taught and in six months 2.1 million men and women will be taught the skills.”