Over 19 lakh new voters added to the list

Country has 11,18,20,669 voters now

The number of voters in the country has increased by 19 lakh 17 thousand and 57 in the last one year. Bangladesh has now 11 crore 18 lakh 20 thousand and 669 voters.

The EC disclosed the final updated voter numbers on Tuesday on the occasion of the National Voter Day 2021.

According to the EC’s factsheet, a total of 19,18,056 new voters --- 11, 25, 755 men and 7,92,220 women — were enlisted in the country’s voter list in the last one year since March 2, 2020.

However, 16,499 dead voters --10,280 males and 6,219 females—were dropped from the electoral roll by the time.

Now the number of the total voters stands at 11,17,20,669 --- 5,65,98,005 (50.66pc), 5,51,22,223 females (49.33pc) and 441 transgender ones --- in the country.

On March 2, 2020, the number of the total voters was 10,98,19,112 –- 5,54,82,530 male  (50.52pc) and 5,43,36,222 (49.48pc) female, and 360 transgender.

Some 441 transgender people were incorporated under the identity of third gender in the voter list.

The voter growth was 1.75 percent in the last one year.

Among the total voters, the share of women has slightly declined to 49.33 percent now from 49.48 percent.