Our ill-fated female expatriate workers

Govt should play a proactive role to ensure their security abroad

Published : 05 Feb 2023 09:39 PM

We express our deep concern over the unnatural death of Bangladesh female migrant workers in different countries across the world. More than 709 female migrant workers from our country have died between 2017 and 2022, a study by the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) revealed recently. The study says 208 women died in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) while 100 in Jordan.

According to the study, 159 female migrant workers died of natural causes, while 152 died of stroke. Besides, a total of 87 Bangladesh female migrant workers met the tragic end of their lives on different roads and highways abroad.  Ministries concerned, Bangladesh migrant rights activists, researchers and non-government organisations have been discussing the issue since long that how and in what way our female migrant workers can stay safe and protected abroad. But still there is no progress to this end. Therefoe, the government should take an immediate step in order to put pressure on the foreign countries to investigate such unnatural death of Bangladeshi female migrants workers


government should play 

a proactive role to

 ensure safety of 

our female expatriate workers

Apart from unnatural death, most Bangladesh female migrant workers are the worst victims of serious crimes in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East sates. They are being sexually abused and physically and mentally tortured in many ways there. If any woman falls sick due to insufficient food and safe water, they are not provided treatment. Such torture and sexual harassment of female expatriate workers continued taking places across the Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia.

Around nine lakh women migrant workers are working in different countries of Middle East. Thousands of Bangladeshi women migrant workers had to return home empty-handed, especially from the Middle East, after being subjected to torture.

Many women migrant workers who have come back to Bangladesh shared their horrific experiences, saying they suffered backbreaking working hours and sexual abuse every day while they were staying in those countries. Sometimes, many were abandoned by their employers, who threw them out of their homes.

However, the ministry concerned constantly assures that all the female workers who are now abroad would be safe and the situation would be better. But the latest incident of unnatural death and torture shows that the situation has not changed much for the female workers. So, the ministries concerned especially expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment, foreign and home ministries have to prepare a specific work plan to ensure safety of our female expatriate workers.