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Orsha’s ‘Sahos’ gets clearance

Published : 07 Feb 2022 08:45 PM

Popular television actor Nazia Haque Orsha starrer film titled 'Sahos' directed by young producer Sajjad Khan finally gets the clearance after re-submitting as a new film. Earlier the film was rejected by both Bangladesh Film Censor Board (BFCB) and the Appellate Division.

After many ups and downs, the film is preparing for its release on March. Confirming the matter to media the first poster of the film came out on Monday February 7.

Regarding the context Sazzad said, 'it’s my first film and only Orsha has been included in the poster. She is the main influencer of the film and we want to bring it in the middle of March probably by the second week.

The film stars Nazia Haque Orsha and Mostafizur Nur Imran in the lead roles. The film is being produced by Shapla Media shot in Bagerhat in November and December 2020 and was censored in September 2021. 

It is to be mentioned actress Nazia Haque Orsha enters the media world through LUX Channel I Superstar competition. The actress has created a strong position in media through her talent and acting skills. She is working regularly in TV dramas.