Online Pharmacies That are Supplying Medicine During Coronavirus Home Quarantine [Online Medicine Shop in Bangladesh]

Published : 25 Jun 2020 09:38 PM | Updated : 13 Feb 2022 03:53 PM

If you need emergency medication or health care products, but you are worried to get out of home due to the coronavirus emergency, The Government of Bangladesh has imposed quarantine over the whole nation with a notion to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 disease.  Even if you dare to leave home for a short period of time to visit a local pharmacy, you cannot avoid the risk of getting contaminated by coronavirus on your way. Now what’s the way out? Don’t panic! In this article we will focus on some online pharmacies in Bangladesh where you can order medication online and get fast home delivery inside Dhaka city.

Online Medicine Shop in Bangladesh

Cant get out of home to grab medicine during this lockdown? Get medicine delivered to your doorstep online by contacting any of the vendors on the list.

1. is a licensed online pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. Their physical dispensary and office are located at Dhanmondi, Dhaka. This online Pharmacy supplies medicine, baby care products, feminine hygiene products, birth control products, and cleanliness hygiene products. Products are available to order in between 10am to 10pm.

This is the only pharmacy that may request you to submit prescriptions for buying non-OTC(over the counter) medicine to ensure your safety. They offer home delivery service within Dhaka for a delivery charge of TK 75. can send your products through courier service, if your delivery address is located outside Dhaka.

2. aims to make the order and delivery process of medicines much easier and it is  customer-friendly. This online pharmacy has a wide variety of products including baby milk, baby food, baby care products, child care products, dental medicines, diabetic kits and accessories, eye medicines, sanitary products, hygiene products, mother’s care products, birth control products, surgical items, etc. To purchase a particular medicine on a regular basis customers can upload and save prescriptions in this website, which is certainly a great benefit for senior citizens and the deliveries will be made accordingly. 

BanglaMeds has a cash on delivery option for any location within Dhaka. The delivery charge is TK 30 only. To avail this service, you have to order at least Tk 200 worth of products. They deliver from 8am to 10pm every day. BanglaMeds can deliver products within one to three hours and take orders up to 7pm for the same day delivery.

3. is a great medicine based e-commerce site who works to supply medicine and other health products to any place inside Bangladesh. This online medicine shop can deliver diverse medicines including vaccines, drops, tablets, syrups, sprays, injections, capsules, gel, suppository, powder, ointment, cream, vitamin supplement, insulin, pills, etc. according to your medical prescription. 

You can also buy necessary medical tools and equipment, like knee brace, maternal care kit, test strips, glucose monitoring device, sanitary napkins, dental and oral care products, etc. What else? steps ahead to other online pharmacies by offering at home physiotherapy services.

4. is a well planned e-commerce pharmaceutical venture in Bangladesh. In this online pharmacy, users can buy medication and health care products online. Besides serving as a retail online pharmacy, OshudhWala sells pharmaceutical products to other pharma companies in Bangladesh. 

This professional online medicine service company is directly linked to pharmaceutical suppliers so they can supply medicines and health care products of  wide range of categories. OshudhWala delivers medicines that require cold storage, in their specially designed delivery box. This online shop promises to deliver products inside Dhaka city within two to eight hours. They also provide cash on delivery service within Dhaka city for TK 60.


If you want to buy baby products like diapers, milk, baby wipes, etc., you can visit ePharma's online store. They also have a vast collection of diabetic care products including insulin, test kits, glucose meter etc. Besides medicine, you can also find other health care products like food supplements, birth control products, hair care products, skincare products, beauty products, etc. 

You can order products from 9 am to 9 pm. However, you need to place the order before 1pm, if you wish to get delivery of your products within Dhaka city on the same day.  

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