Online fraud gang active, selling people’s personal data

Published : 05 Mar 2024 09:02 PM

Members of an online fraud gang are selling people’s personal data by giving eye catching advertisement on websites and facebook. Using the logo of Bkash, Nagad and Rocket, the mobile financial services (MFS) in the country, they are doing this act of fraudulence to get their (people) personal data.

Later, the frauds sell the people’s personal data to others in exchange of huge amount of money, according to media reports. The security breach has raised concern over the data privacy and the potential consequences. Last year security breach on the website of the Office of the Registrar General, Birth & Death Registration (BDRIS), left the personal information of millions of Bangladeshi citizens exposed on the internet. 

Bangladeshi citizens’ personal information, including their full names, phone numbers, email addresses and National Identification (NID) numbers are now being sold out every day. As some people are being allured by the fraud gang, their personal information was exposed to other. The authorities concerned do not have any scope to avoid responsibility for this criminal act.  Stern action must be taken against the fraud gang members who are selling people’s personal data. 

The security breach has raised 

concern over the data

 privacy and the

 potential consequences

The law enforcement agencies must investigate the matter to get 'very specific’ information. There is no alternative to raising awareness and technical knowledge for citizens’ protection. 

To keep the cyber world safe, we all need to pay attention to four important levels such as individual, family, institutional and society. Besides, all need to raise awareness to protect themselves from cyber attacks. 

The government should warned its all organisations to take extra security measures as different fraud gangs and hacking groups always try to breach the system. In view of the situation, the regulatory body must take all necessary measures to strengthen the enfeeble cyber security system in our country. 

Besides, the government organisations need to build their employees’ capacity and enhance logistics support for the cyber security shield. The officials and employees of different government organisations will have to frame a specific policy guideline to ensure cyber security. 

A protocol for ensuring external security as well as cyber security is very essential. The use of information technology has been increasing day by day in the country’s all sectors. Different devices of the automated system have to be aligned with online communication as the risk of cyber threats is increasing. Therefore, the government will have to achieve the efficiency to face unexpected challenges to protect the people from the fraud gang.