Onion price rises in Rangpur

Published : 17 Sep 2020 09:39 PM

Domestic onions are being sold at Tk 120 per kg in the retail markets in Rangpur although it is being sold at Tk 120 at the retail markets.

The price of onion is increasing uncontrollably and in the last three to four months, the price of the daily commodity has increased more than double. 

Onion wholesalers said shortages in onion production this year and the Indian government's sudden ban on onion exports have caused such instability in the market. In this situation, the buyers are struggling to settle accounts. Many are buying more onions for fear of higher prices in future causing panic among all.

Visiting Rangpur City Bazar's BaroArot it was found that domestic onions are being sold at Tk 100 per kg and imported onions are being sold at Tk 90 to 95. Traders are blaming Indian exporters for the situation as the price of onion in grocery stores is almost out of reach.

However, traders say the country's onion market is largely dependent on imports from India. Onion prices have risen in the Indian market so, it has affected the country. Besides, import of Indian onion has also stopped. Due to this, the price of onion has increased in the market.

Alhaj Mostafa Kamal, President of Rangpur City Bazar Businessmen's Association said most of the country's markets are dependent on Indian products. Also, there is not enough supply of domestic onion, so the price is high. Besides, onion import has been stopped through Hili land port in Dinajpur. Hundreds of trucks loaded with onions are stuck there. This price of onion will not last long and become normal within the next week. 

He added that an hour-long meeting was held with the officials of Rangpur Consumer Rights Protection Department on Thursday morning. At the meeting, the officials suggested selling onions at Tk 70 per kg. 

Each store has also been asked to update the product price list.

Sadequl Islam, a trader in Nazir's Hat area of Rangpur said wholesalers are not supplying onions as per demand. They are giving onions half the demand on the pretext of stopping Indian onion export. As a result, there has been an onion crisis and it is not possible to sell onions at less than Tk 120 to the buyers in the market.

In this regard, Rangpur Divisional Deputy Director of the Department of National Consumer Protection. Jahangir Alam said, "We are discussing with the business leaders as the price of onion has suddenly increased in the market. Traders have been instructed to sell onions for Tk 70. They said that the price of onion will be normal in a week”.