Onion price drop creates despair among farmers

Published : 01 Oct 2022 08:17 PM

Due to fall in the price of onion, farmers and stock traders are in trouble in the bazaar of Pabna Bara upazila. On Saturday, the despair of farmers was seen at C&B haat and Kashinathpur haat, farmers and stock traders from different areas of the district brought onions to the haat to sell. 

It is known that the number of onion sellers is more than the buyers during this season. Along with this, because of lack of demand in Dhaka and Sylhet markets, onion sales are decreasing. Due to high imports, low demand and absolutely low prices, many farmers and stock traders are unable to sell their onions and take them back home.

Upon talking to Kashinathpur haat with farmers Asad Pramanik, Amirul, Zahid Hossain who brought onions from Sujanagar upazila, Zafar, Munnaf Bepari from Kshetupara of Santhia upazila, Solaiman, Jabbar, Karim Bepari from Barat village, they said that during the season, the price is expected to be 1300 taka. They kept their crop home without selling onions at a reasonable price, but they did not get a higher price. 

On the other hand, due to keeping it in the house for a long time, the onions have dried up, and many onions have become seedlings. No one wants to buy onions including seedlings where there is no demand and price for good onions. 

These onions are being sold at the price of 400 to 600 Tk depending on the type. When asked how the market price of good quality onion is going, farmers and traders said that good quality onion is being sold in the market at the price of Tk 1,000 to maximum Tk 1,300.

Farmers Fazlal, Karim, Tokan, Nurai of Panchuria village, Ibrahim Mudi, Nazrul, Taleb, farmers of Jagannathpur village, Razzak Pramanik of Sontala village of Santhia, Janu Khan of New Charpechakola village spoke at the fence chatur market. They said, hoping to get a higher price, I kept the onions at home without selling them during the season, now the onions are about to spoil. Again, many onions have rotted. Now sellers or buyers do not want to take it and the price is low. 

If they do not sell it again, it will rot completely, so the sellers are selling it at 700 rupees. 

They also said that like them, many farmers and stock traders in the district are suffering losses due to the non-increase in onion prices this year.

When talking to Abusama, Babu, Roshan, Anand and Akched Bepari about onion buying and selling in the market, they said that we are not afraid of any kind of loss if the price of onion is high. If I can buy it then I can sell it at a higher price. 

The big lads of wholesaler market then instructed us to buy onions. But when the market price starts to decrease, due to low demand, traders ask to buy small quantity of onion at low price. 

If you buy onion at a high price and take it to storehouse, there is a high possibility of loss. There is a possibility that the price of onion in the domestic market will be a little higher due to the closure of the border for 8 days due to the suspension of import of onions like other products from India.

Razzak Pramanik of Sonatala village cultivated onion in his 6 bigha land. He regretfully said that he will not cultivate onions next year, if he cultivates other crops, there is no fear of losing so much.