Onion harvest starts in Pabna, farmers expect ‘good price’

Published : 10 Jan 2023 07:18 PM

As the market price of onion was low last season, the onion farmers of the fence have planted onion in more land this season in the hope of getting better price for the onion in advance. Although the bumper yield this time, the market price is still not as expected. On Tuesday, it was seen that onion was sold at a price of 900 to 1100 taka, depending on the type, in the C&B market of Bara. Onion market price was discussed with several farmers including onion farmer Abu Bakkar of Barashila village, Zangagir of Haturia, Shahidul of Paur area, Motaleb of Chakla. Not everyone is happy with this price of onion. However, although the farmers are dissatisfied with the current price of onion, they hope that the price of onion will increase.

As the stocked onion supply is less towards Agrayan-Poush month, the market price of onion continues to rise. At this time, as the demand for new onions is high in the market and hoping to get a good price, onion farmers pick up unripe onions from the land and bring them to the market for sale.

Bera Upazila Agricultural Extension Officer Nure Alam (Additional Duty) said that onions are cultivated in 9 unions of the upazila including Dhalla Char, Barashila Mauzai of Berar municipality, Haturia Nakalia, Chakla and Kaitola, Jatsakhini, Masumdia. This year in Bara Upazila, although the target level of onion cultivation is 1 thousand 800 hectares, it has been cultivated in 1 thousand 860 hectares of land and the production target is 23 thousand 850 million tons. Sandy loam soil is ideal for onion cultivation. As the soil of this area is sandy loam, onion production is expected.

In onion cultivation, the smallest and most mature onions are selected and planted as seeds, which grow three to four times in two and a half months and produce several times as side tubers emerge. Onion cultivation takes less time and relatively less cost.

Due to low supply of onion in the market at this time, the price of onion is high. Farmers are more interested in onion cultivation due to higher prices. The farmers said that the onion farmers are receiving constant advice and guidance from the agricultural officers and assistant agricultural officers at the field level.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Officer's office, till now, about 400 hectares of onion have been grown by farmers and there are 2 demonstration fields in Masumdia Union and 1 in Chakla Union for the production of onion seeds in this season and each demonstration field is 3 bigha (1 acre). .

Agricultural officers and assistant agricultural officers believe that there is a favorable environment for Mulkata onion cultivation in Bara upazila, if there is no sudden loss, the target level of production will be met.