Onion being imported thru Benapole after long time

Published : 19 Mar 2021 09:12 PM

42 metric tonnes of onion were imported from India through Benapole port on Thursday night after more than a year.

The consignment of onions was delivered on Friday morning after all the formalities of the customs and port authorities.

India suspended onion exports to other countries on September 14 in 2019, citing the production crisis in India. Since then, no consignment of onions has been imported through Benapole port.

C&F Agent Sejuti Enterprise has asisted the Bangladeshi importers to release the Onions by completing the formalities of Customs and Port. 

The import price of onion per metric ton is estimated at 140 US dollars. 

The government has to pay 10 percent duty on the import price to get released.

Benapole C&F Association President Mofizur Rahman Sajan said, “At present, onions are being imported in this way and we expect the price to be lower in the market than before.”

Benapole Port Director (Traffic) Abdul Jalil said “All measures have been taken to ensure that the imported onion can be delivered from the port quickly.”