One-stop services for expats to invest

Let our migrant workers utilise the services

It is good to note that the government is going to launch one-stop services for Bangladeshi expatriates to ensure sustainable remittance inflow. Also, the government is working to create skilled hands by providing various training courses, which will help the country to get more remittance.

Reportedly, remittance inflow hit a record $21.74 billion last year, up 41 percent over that in the previous year. The country’s remittance crossed $20 billion benchmark for the first time in its history in 2020.

Bangladeshi migrant workers are providing oxygen for the economy by continuing to send remittances at home. What is more encouraging is that remittance flow rapidly increased through official channels due to travel restrictions imposed by most of the countries in an effort to tame Covid-19.

Prudent steps should be taken to send back our 

expatriate workers who were compelled to 

return home due to the pandemic

More than 1 million expatriate Bangladeshi workers returned home from abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, prudent steps should be taken to send back our expatriate workers who were compelled to return home due to the pandemic in order to keep the progress of the country’s remittance inflow intact.

In this regard, we should give more emphasis on finding new work destinations for our expat workers. If we can send more skilled workers to new and potential destinations, the remittance flow will increase manifold in the future.

It is needless to say that migrant workers can earn even more money and secure their jobs if they attain required skills through training before going abroad. There is a huge demand for skilled workers like computer operators, graphics designers and medical equipment operators abroad. Therefore, necessary steps should be taken to ensure proper training for foreign job seekers before sending them abroad.