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‘One minute’ Eid market in Savar

Unique way to help poor people

Published : 30 Apr 2022 08:53 PM

One UP chairman chooses a different way to help poor people ahead of Eid-Ul-Fitr and distributed clothes and essential commodities by setting up multiple temporary shops named 'One minute's Eid Market' at Hemayetpur in Savar, on capital’s outskirts. The chairman named Fakhrul Alam Somor, Chairman of Tetuljhora union Parishad inaugurated the shops on Saturday and distributed Eid gifts among around thousands disadvantage and poor people, which will remain continue till Eid.

Somor said he choose this different way to help people so that the people can consider it as a gift instead of help. This correspondent talked to several people who get their gifts from the event including children, and all were said they were happy to get new clothes and essential commodities.