Omar Sani, Moushumi to inaugurate ‘Jugolbondi’

Legendary photographer Chanchal Mahmud and his wife Raina Mahmud’s ‘Jugolbondi’ photo exhibition was supposed to be held in 2019. But due to the fact that Raina Mahmud was diagnosed with cancer in October 2019, it was not possible to do so at that time. Raina Mahmud’s cancer treatment has ended this month and she is recovering from her illness. 

The photo exhibition titled ‘Jugolbondi’ is going to start at 4.30 pm today. The exhibition will be inaugurated by the successful and following star couple of Bangladeshi cinema Omr Sani and Moushumi. The matter has been confirmed by both Omar Sunny and Moushumi. 

Omar Sani said, “I have never had the opportunity to be a guest of with Moushumi for such an exhibition. The fact that a legendary photographer like Chanchal Bhai has chosen me as the chief guest at the exhibition is a big surprise to me. I sincerely thank them.”

Maoushumi said, “The day Chanchal Bhai first asked me to attend such an event, I readily agreed. Chanchal Bhai is my senior. I first captured myself in his camera frame. That memory is still bright in my mind. Sani and I will be able to attend such an event, which is really lovely.”

Chanchal Mahmud said the exhibition will run from 4.30 pm to 8 pm every day till October 27. Chanchal Mahmud said the exhibition will feature a total of 70 nationally and internationally acclaimed photographs of him and his wife. Only three pictures of Moushumi are being displayed but they are not for sale.