Obligation to use Bangla spurned

Use of Bangla language should be implemented in all spheres of life

On the 69th anniversary of the Mother Language Day, we paid our deepest respect to those who laid the foundation of the Language Movement, which established our right to speak in our own beloved Bangla language. For language movement martyrs’ utmost sacrifice, today we speak in Bangla with ease. However, what have we done for our language to make their sacrifice worthwhile?

As proud Bengalis, the use of Bangla language should have been implemented in all spheres and sectors of our lives. However, we know that the use of Bangla in our country is deserted both at the individual and official levels. Bangla is still neglected in courts, government, non-governmental institutions and in other fields as well.

We need to do more substantive work 

o make the use of Bangla extensive in 

the country 

This scenario needs to be changed and we need to do more substantive work to make the use of Bangla extensive in the country, at all stages of education and in our administration. 

In other mother languages competence or excellency is taken with pride. Every year when 21st February arrives, we raise the topic of Bangla language negligence. Now it is time to talk the talk and walk the walk. Though it is significant for our country to have adequate human resources fortified with electorally and economically persuasive foreign languages, it is similarly important to find the right balance in which the use of Bangla will not be conceded in the name of obtaining competitive edge on international market.