Nusrat hints she and Yash Dasgupta are married!

Published : 11 Oct 2021 09:18 PM | Updated : 12 Oct 2021 02:31 PM

Actor-politicians Nusrat Jahan and Yash Dasgupta might already be married, going by their recent hints. Recently, the couple welcomed their son, Yishaan. While the couple was tight-lipped about their relationship in the past, they confirmed that Yash is indeed the father of the baby. They also said that they want to keep their personal lives private. Ringing Yash’s birthday at midnight, Nusrat shared a picture of a cake with ‘husband’ and ‘father’ written on it. She also shared a picture with Yash on her Instagram Stories.

There has been much speculation and conjecture about the father of the baby, as she was previously married to Nikhil Jain. In a recent interview to Times Of India, Nusrat opened up about her relationship with Yash, and confirmed that he was indeed Yishaan’s father. Asked if he had second thoughts about parenthood with Nusrat, he said, “Never. I didn’t flinch when she told me. 

I just asked her if she wanted to go ahead with it. It’s not my body — it’s hers. She needed to decide. I told her I’d never leave her side irrespective of her decision. I wanted to have the baby but couldn’t have forced my decision on her. She even told me that if you want nothing to do with the baby, it’s okay, I’ll keep the baby.”

Nusrat added that he ‘didn’t freak out at all’ and that they didn’t care what the world would think. “I knew they would call me strong or call me names.”

The couple also revealed why they decided to keep the identity of the father a secret. “People should understand that wanting to keep your private life to yourself isn’t a crime. There was no hiding of the fact and that we were having a baby. If we wanted to hide, why would we even have the baby, right? She was roaming around with a baby bump. What were people thinking? That we were pulling a prank on them? Was I expected to stand on the roof with a placard in my hand? I’m not that person,” he said.

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Nusrat’s Instagram post might have added more fuel to the rumours about them already being married. Asked if they were worried about having a baby out of wedlock, she said, “Do people know whether or not it’s out of wedlock? Just because we don’t open up on things doesn’t mean whatever they are saying is true.”