Number of corona patients rises to 2290 in Chandpur

Published : 29 Sep 2020 09:44 PM

In Chandpur, the number of corona patients increased to 2290. One more corona   patient was detected in Chand within 24 hours.  The victim patient hailed from Chandpur Sadar upazila.  But on the same day, 4 people were declared healthy and free from Corona. Of those, 2 were from Chandpur Sadar and 2 were from Matlab South.

According to the Civil Surgen’s office, the death toll of Chadpur was 77. According to a reliable source, 49 reports came from MA Wadud RT-PCR Lab of Chandpur on Monday, September 28. Of these reports only 1 report was found corona positive and the rest 48 reports were found negative.

The current upazila-wise statistics of 2290 people affected by corona in Chandpur district are: 926 in Chandpur Sadar, 260 in Faridganj, 253 in Matlab South, 225 in Shahrasti, 197 in Hajiganj, 192 in Matlab North, 152 in Haimchar and 85 in Kachu.

The upazila-wise statistics of 77 deaths in the district are as follows: 22 in Chandpur Sadar, 17 in Hajiganj, 11 in Faridganj, 10 in Matlab North, 7 in Shahrasti, 6 in Kachua, 3 in Matlab South and 1 in Haimchar.