NSTU teachers set ultimatum over teacher recruitment

The teachers of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) have set an ultimatum for the VC of the university to take effective action for solving the issue of teacher recruitment within September 15, which has been closed since April 2019 by the direction of Education Ministry. Otherwise, they will boycott the classes  and examinations.

According to university sources, NSTU  Teachers Association submitted  a letter to the Vice-Chancellor on August 31 to solve the teacher recruitment issue. In the letter, they mentioned about the insufficiency of teachers in many departments which hampers the quality of education as the numbers of students are increasing but new teachers are not recruited. Besides, many  teachers can't  go on study  leave due to the insufficiency of teachers.

It also mentioned in the letter that, 60 teachers of the university are recruited on temporary basis but their permanent recruitment is hampered due to the closure of teacher recruitment by the Ministry of Education. Besides, some teachers promotion is delayed for 1 year and some teachers have got promotion within the short time of their permanent  appointment. As a result, this creates discrimination  among the teachers.

So, if the issue is not solved within September 15, the teachers will boycott all kinds of classes and examinations of the university.

On this point, Prof. Dr. Newaz Mohammad Bahadur, President of NSTU Teachers Association said, “As the  recruitment of new teachers are stopped and many teachers have gone for study leave and maternity leave,  the crisis of teachers are increasing. Besides, the number of  students are  increasing. It creates frustration and anger among the 60 temporary teachers about their permanent  recruitment. We want a quick solution to this problem and we have informed the  university administration about our position”.