NSTU students facing problems for ID card

Students of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) have not received University student ID card for a long time as the machine that makes the ID cards is left in an invalid condition for more than a year. As a result, the students are suffering from identity crisis as well as facing various problems. 

The students stated that they have repeatedly contacted the university authorities for this issue regarding ID cards but have not found any solution. Therefore, they do not have ID cards now and have to face a lot of problems. The university authorities have not taken effective steps to solve this problem so far, they added. According to the university sources, the students get ID card from the university after admission for 4 years of graduation. However, due to session clutter, students need five years or more to complete the graduation. As the ID card expires in four years, the rest of the time the students have to face identity crisis.

Besides, the first year and post-graduate students of the university said that even though it has been one year since the admission, they have not received ID card from the university so far. 

On this matter, Mahmudul Hasan Rana, Director (acting) of the university's cyber center, said, “Even though we have collected the information of the students, the ID card is not being made at the moment as the machine is invalid for a long time. However, the machine purchase file has been sent. After getting a new machine, the ID cards can be provided within a week”.