Now madrasa principal held in Bagerhat over molesting student

Detectives in a drive arrested principal of a madrasa at Rampal upazila in Bagerhat on charge of trying to rape a 10-year old madrasa girl. Oliar Rahman, principal of Sarafpur Karamatia Fazil Madrasa, was arrested from Foyla area of the upazila in the early hours on Saturday. 

BSS adds: Rampal thana police arrested him on charge of trying to suppress the incident of rape of a student of Class ten of the madrasa. Maternal Uncle of the student filed the case with Rampal thana on Friday accusing four persons. Out of them police arrested the key accused of the rape case Ferdous Sheikh on Friday noon.

Police said the madrasa student was continuing study from her maternal uncle’s house at Fakirhat.

In another incident police arrested a person identified as Arman Sheikh on charge of violating a child at Fakirhat of Bahirdia village. Arman Sheikh is the son of Habi Sheikh of Bahirdia village. After rape the children was first admitted to Fakirhat Upazila health Complex and late shifted to Khulna Medical College.