Notorious kidnapping gang active

Take stern action against the criminals

Published : 21 Apr 2022 09:36 PM

Organised armed kidnappers have become active across the country in recent time. Plainclothes police arrested five members including the ringleader of a kidnapping gang, who had been abducting people and extracting ransom from the victims’ families for ten years. They confessed to the police that they have abducted over 500 people in the last 10 years and realised huge amount of ransom from the victims’ families. 

Waiting patiently with their cars or microbus in the city’s strategic crowded intersection or adjacent areas they used to offer people to drop them off at their destination for a fare. They used to target the office goers like teachers, civil servants, business owners those are not rich enough to afford private cars but have enough assets or connections to scrape up a ransom.

Being failed to find public transport when, these people got in the cars or microbuses for their daily commute, they would realise what misfortune was in store for them. 

The criminals have been involved in kidnapping people for the last eight to 10 years and they were arrested several times and sent to jail. Besides, detective police also arrested four members of a gang who abducted Shibu Lal Das, a wealthy businessman of Patuakhali district and demanded crores of taka from him.

The law enforcers will have to reinforce police 

patrolling and beat policing 

activities to prevent such dreadful 


The armed goons asked Shibu’s wife to pay them taka 20 crore as ransom for her husband’s safe return and warned her that her husband would be killed and thrown into the sea if they do not pay the ransom money and report the matter to the police.

As abduction is a heinous crime, the government should be determined to ensure “maximum punishment” of the culprits. Apart from kidnapping, various crimes like terrorism, murder, extortion, 

harassment and rape, kidnapping are happening every day now. 

Hence, members of law enforcement agencies must perform their duties properly at different strategic and crowded points in cities, towns and on the roads and highways to ensure safe travelling of people. 

The law enforcers will also have to reinforce police patrolling and beat policing activities to prevent such dreadful abduction. All officers-in-charge (OCs) of the police stations across the country should remain vigilant to avert untoward incidents.