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CoU Teachers Association Election

None to take initiative to elect a strong body

Published : 15 Jan 2024 08:40 PM

Comilla University (CoU) Teachers’ Association had no functioning executive council for more than a year. On December 1, 2022, the committee of Professor Dr Dulal Chandra Nandi and Associate Professor Dr Md Moqaddes-ul-Islam organized an election but it was postponed due to conflict among teachers. After that, the university teachers' association did not see the light again.

There is no way how to form an executive council of teachers’ association through elections again after the postponement of the elections. After the election of the 12th National Parliament, the teachers want the election of the University Teachers' Association.

It is stated in Article 10 'A' of the Constitution of the Teachers' Association that the election of the Executive Council should be completed between 1st and 15th December every year. Due to unavoidable reasons: If the election is not possible within the above mentioned period, the working executive council shall convene a general meeting of the association from 16th to 31st December and take further action as per the decision taken in that meeting.

But they also lost the right to convene general meeting as the previous executive did not have tenure. As a result, the question arises who will take the initiative to organize the election?. Several teachers of the university expressed their interest in the election, but could not say any specific method. Some say that the senior professors of the university should come forward, while others say that re-election should be held with the consent of two-thirds of the teachers.

One of the oldest professors of the university, Mohammad Syedur Rahman said, “I want the election and committee formation of Shikkhak Samiti. But who will take this responsibility? Who will take the initiative to talk to all the teachers and organize the election? No one will listen to me. If at least two-thirds agreed, a general meeting could be called to take action on the matter.”

Dean of Social Science Faculty and Associate Professor of Anthropology Department, N M Rabiul Awal Chowdhury said, “Teachers’ Association is very necessary. It is necessary not only for the teachers but also to keep the environment of the university healthy and move the university forward together. Senior teachers should come forward in this regard I will be with you if you take the initiative to choose.”

In this regard, Kazi Mohammad Kamal Uddin, president of Bangabandhu Parishad without central approval, said, “It has been happening every year within the rules. I think those who caused the election to be rigged should apologize to all the teachers of the university and take initiative for the election themselves. Otherwise, if someone else takes the initiative, they will obstruct the election as before.”

It is learnt that on December 1 last year, president of Comilla University Teachers’ Association-2022, Professor Dr Dulal Chandra Nandi and Dr Moqaddes-ul-Islam's Committee held the election, but the election was marred by conflict between the teachers. Then on December 22, 2022, Assistant Professor of Management Education Department Kazi Omar Siddiqui and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Department, Hasena Begum, on behalf of the general teachers of the University, along with the President of the Executive Council of the Teachers' Association-2022, requested to hold the election of the Teachers' Association as per the constitution. No initiative was taken in that regard then.

When president of the Centrally approved Bangabandhu Parishad Qazi Omar Siddiqui was asked about this, he said, “We made that request, but nothing happened. And we are nobody to take the initiative, but we want elections.”

General Secretary of the last committee of the university teachers' association Dr. Md Moqaddes-ul-Islam said, “We always want the teachers' association to be effective. Several initiatives have been taken in this regard. Our committee is constitutionally defunct. Still we are trying. So far, there was a national election. Now many people have the same opinion. Maybe something will happen very soon.”