Non-stop power supply to be ensured for irrigation

More sources of power generation needed

The present government has achieved remarkable success in augmenting the power generation capacity to make our country self-dependent in electricity supply. In that quest, the government is going to import more Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from the spot market to generate adequate power to safeguard uninterrupted electricity supply during the upcoming irrigation season. 

The premier has instructed the officials concerned to ensure nonstop electricity supply during the irrigation period. More LNG lots will be brought from the spot market to keep the LNG imports. The country is going through a phase where we lack gas to generate electricity. Therefore, the supply of LNG will reduce the gas production burden of the country. 

Constructing power generation capacity needs to 

correspond with demand along with an increased

 importance on renewable energy

However, we have to look at all aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution. We know that electricity is a key component for economic growth and development for our country. To generate electricity from different sources and to reduce the burden on the national grid, we can also develop solar energy to meet the demand for fuel.

According to a report published in this daily on Tuesday, our electricity demand goes up to a maximum of 15,000 MW during summer and when winter comes again, our demand comes down to 6000 megawatts. Therefore, we need to find a balance in our power generation according to the demand so that fuel or gas do not get wasted. 

All in all, we believe constructing power generation capacity needs to correspond with demand along with an increased importance on renewable energy.