Non-Covid- 19 patients barred from treatment

Proper ethics and morals must be maintained

Published : 07 Jul 2020 10:23 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 06:57 AM

Since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus in the country there have been numerous irregularities which have sprouted in almost all sectors. 

In the healthcare sector too, which is the front line against Covid-19, there have been irregularities and allegations against hospitals and healthcare centers not providing adequate care or barring people from treatment.

A report published in this daily projected that emergency healthcare services of most of the government hospitals are now on the brink of collapse as the extreme challenges being faced by the health facilities have been exacerbated by the surge in the number of coronavirus patients. This means that even after going from one hospital to other, the non-Covid patients are allegedly not getting treatment.

The barring of patients from getting healthcare 

in the country is a violation of civil rights and 

also goes against morals of healthcare

The barring of patients from getting healthcare in the country is a violation of civil rights and also goes against morals of healthcare. This means that the ethics and morals of health service providers are in jeopardy and there is a severe lack of responsibility on the part of the personnel who are indulging themselves in these acts.

The report showed that the number of patients who visit different emergency medical centers in the capital is now down by half of their original number. Some might argue that this is due to coronavirus but that is also a form of disease and healthcare itself cannot differentiate and in case of helping patients.

Experts believe that it is important for patients to have the confidence of getting medical treatment in the emergency departments of all hospitals of the country regardless of their disease or ailment.  It is also advisable to create an atmosphere so that no patients are forced to return without getting treatment.

Proper healthcare is always needed for the proper functioning of the country. In this time of crisis we believe that the doctors are the people who will come forward and help out. It is also the responsibility of the people to seek out help when in need.