Nolok likely to release on Eid

Actor Shakib Khan’s much talked about film ‘Nolok’ is about to get the green signal from the censor board. The talked-about film is set for its release in upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

However, the censor board has put forward two conditions prior to obtain the certificate.

If the movie brings about two changes, only then it will receive permission from the board, according to censor board Vice-Chairman Md Nizamul Kabir.

“After watching the movie, we found two small inconsistencies. We have sent a letter to the producer for the necessary changes. The movie will receive certificate in a few days, after the changes have been made,” Kabir added. 

On the other hand, the film’s producer Sakib Sonnet stated that ‘Nolok’ has received its censor certificate without any “cut”. According to him, “The board provided the movie an uncut censor. My name will be there as the film’s director. Before submitting it to the censor board, I was the film’s director as per BFDC’s NCO.”

Over the past few months, ‘Nolok’ has been at the centre of attention in Dhallywood. Director Rashed Raha initially started the shooting of the film. But later on, producer Sakib Sonnet relieved Raha of his obligations and assumed the director’s chair himself.

Raha took the matter to the Director’s Guild but after several discussions with the parties concerned, the Guild was unable to provide a solution. Finding no other option, Raha appealed to the court but after several hearings, the director was unable to attain the rights to the film. 

For now, the film is preparing for its release in Eid-ul-Fitr. Shakib Khan will be seen alongside Eamin Haque Bobby. The movie also includes a stellar cast with the likes of Omar Sani, Moushumi, Tollywood’s Rajatava Dutta and others.