No way to return to caretaker govt

Published : 01 Oct 2023 09:39 PM

In the political debate over how the upcoming elections can be free, fair and credible the ruling party Awami League has repeatedly declared that the elections will be held strictly according to the constitution and we also believe there can be no violation of the Constitution.

Recently our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also said that the demand of the opposition for caretaker government back is irrational. She said that an elected government will take over power from the elected government and now the right to vote is in the hands of the people.

The previous interim government was in power for two years when it was supposed to be in power for three months. We don't believe this kind of interim government is feasible. People also do not want to see its. 

The parliamentary election should be held according to the country's constitution. 

Our government will then carry out routine business. Ministries and branches related to elections will be under the Election Committee. This is the only solution we believe exists to end the current dilemma.

The parliamentary election

 should be held according

 to the country's constitution

There is no legal framework to form, appoint, or authorize a caretaker government, the timetable is too short because the vote is expected in just a few months.

An interim government is incapable of providing solutions to all problems. We have seen that the term of the caretaker government has been undermined by increasing pressure from the military-backed regime on journalists and editors of major dailies, forcing them to publish baseless articles against political leaders, including then opposition leader and Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina.

We know that the Election Commission is highly centralized or mandated as a federal agency in the constitution to oversee the entire election process. Established as “independent,” the EC can suspend elections it deems fraudulent and has done so in the past, even in the face of opposition from the government and ruling party.

Despite allegations of past irregularities, the commission has the legal status and framework necessary to administer free and fair elections, while ensuring its mission of independence and its commitment to free, fair, and secure elections.