No VAT imposed on sanitary napkin: NBR

National Board of Revenue (NBR) has cleared it decision over imposing value added tax (VAT) on sanitary napkin in the national budget for the fiscal 2019-20 in response to false and confusing campaigns of some online media.

Through an official release Wednesday, NBR said the government declared VAT and supplementary duty exemption in the national budget on the imported materials by the local sanitary napkin manufacturing companies, reports BSS.

The declaration of the government will reduce the prices of the locally produced sanitary napkin and women can use it at a lower cost, it added. But, some people are campaigning through different social media and some electronic and print media that the price of the sanitary napkin has increased due to the imposition of VAT in the budget for the fiscal 2019-20. They are also campaigning that the government has imposed 40 percent VAT on sanitary napkin. In the official realise, NBR said the government has provided special focus on ensuring social protection and empowerment of women in the national budget.

The campaigning is not desirable as the government has not imposed any VAT on sanitary napkin or similar products; rather, the government is providing VAT and supplementary duty exemption on sanitary napkin materials.

The NBR urged all concerned not to be confused with such propaganda.