No scope to go to power by lobbying foreigners

Remain alert to anti-state conspiracies

Published : 23 Feb 2023 09:37 PM

While addressing a discussion meeting marking the Shaheed Dibash and International Mother Language Day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday says it is impossible to assume power by lobbying foreigners. Sheikh Hasina said it seems like someone coming from outside will take the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to power through the cradle, calling upon the countrymen to boycott the party formed illegally by military dictators and remain vigilant against them.

The foreign ministry has obtained ten documents and papers about how much money BNP paid to the lobbyists over the last six years. Besides, BNP leaders are going to their local and foreign masters and lodging complaints against the AL government. Such activities are raising questions among the country’s other political parties and people from all walks of life as well.

If BNP comes to power again

 it will do everything to destroy 

the spirit of the independence

Since its foundation, BNP has been doing politics in the country with support from anti-liberation forces and its foreign lobbyists who had opposed the country’s liberation war in 1971.’ It has been observed that the party and defeated forces had chosen the path of conspiracy against the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after they had failed to face him politically.

However, after being isolated from the mass people of the country and finding no way, the party is now engaged in disseminating negative propaganda against the country and the government as well in many ways. Besides, it always sparks controversy on any issue to create a political confusion in the country.

The party’s leaders are also deliberately making misleading remarks and spreading propaganda against Bangladesh to stop the country’s ongoing development and progress. Besides, they have become desperate to create barriers in export trade through appointing lobbyist firms in many countries.

People of the country have now become much more aware and they know better about the country, its history and the target of the Awami League government. Therefore, country’s people should boycott BNP as it never wants welfare and betterment of the masses. If the party comes to power again it will do everything to destroy the spirit of the independence and distort the country’s history of the Liberation War.