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No respite from road-digging

Plight of commuters protracted

Published : 15 May 2024 10:42 PM | Updated : 16 May 2024 12:32 PM

Authorities concerned seem to have turned a blind eye to excavated roads, left abandoned for months, causing immense sufferings to the city residents.

Besides the main thoroughfare, the road-digging work also runs into lanes and by-lanes for development work by different utility service providers. 

Though the work started two months ago, the authorities concerned could not complete the work yet.

An engineer of Dhaka South City Corporation said that DWASA and DPDC are running various development works which must be completed by June.

Residents have to wait till June to overcome the crisis, said the engineer on condition of anonymity.  

The two city corporations along with some other state-run organisations are conducting development work at some places for improving drainage systems, sewerage lines and installing under-ground electricity and internet cables.

Statistics show that Dhaka South City Corporation has recently approved some 40 pieces of development work of different utility 

service providers under its 10 zones.

Permission was given for development work at 90 points in April alone.

As a result, many roads of the capital go under ankle to knee-deep water even during a little shower. 

But the authorities concerned hardly pay any attention to help the residents overcome the problem, persisting for a couple of months. 

The sufferers allege that they go through the same situation every year due to indiscriminate road digging in many parts of the capital. 

They allege that they face such a situation as there is no coordination between the utility service providers and authorities concerned. 

People allege that authorities concerned run the road-digging just before the monsoon. The activities have appeared to be another major problem before them amid the heatwave. 

Ittefaq Point is one of the busiest intersections in the capital. Road-digging continues stretching from Ittefaq Point to Hanif Flyover for installing underground electricity and internet lines.

As a result, residents of that area have to go through immense sufferings amid the sweltering heat due to the narrow road.

A rickshaw puller said he takes at least 30 minutes to cross less than a half-kilometre of road.

A resident of Siddeswari said that the authorities concerned left the road of that area incomplete for more than two months.

 “It is a very busy area. We face difficulties to move as the road has been incomplete for the last two months,” said Sabina Akter who had to go through the plight while taking her children to school.

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