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‘No possibility of famine in country’

Published : 13 Nov 2022 09:48 PM | Updated : 14 Nov 2022 12:20 PM

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar said, “There will be no shortage of food in a country where the soil produces crops three times in a year. However, along with increasing production, imports are also planned. There will never be a food shortage and famine, if people do not store more food”.

The minister said this while addressing a workshop on safe food at the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) training center in the capital on Sunday arranged by  the Ministry of Food.

“There is nothing to be worried on food crisis as the country has adequate food stock irrespective of its production, public-private sector stock and import. So, there is no chance of happening any famine in the country, otherwise people might be panicked regarding famine with making 3-4 times food stock in case of famine threat,” Majumder told the function

He said that huge amount of food grains is being produced and stored in the country, and if the people are not depressed and panicked, there will be no famine in the country.

The Food Minister said, “Various steps have been taken to produce food products under the direction of the Prime Minister. Adequate fertilizer supply and irrigation have been ensured for the next two seasons. Food is being produced in the country and there is sufficient food stock. Food stuffs are also being imported by public and private sectors. If we don't get panicked and buy three to four times more food products, then there will be no famine in Bangladesh”.

Giving an example, the minister said that some people have stockpiled essential commodities including rice and pulses for a year. If people do not hoard food, then there will be no food shortage in the country. 

Talking about food export certification, the food minister said, earlier foreign authorities used to issue certificate in exporting food items from Bangladesh, but now it will not require and Bangladesh will provide certificates for export of food as per the international standard.

The minister also emphasized on beefing up people’s confidence in providing well accepted health certificate for the export-oriented food oroducts as Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) that is entrusted with the certification would be able to perform it correctly.

Food Secretary Md Ismail Hossain was present on the occasion as the special guest. He said, “We will try to resolve the overlapping of inter-ministerial work. We are working on building trust in providing universally recognised health certificates for food exports and hoped that the BSFA would perform the duties assigned to them properly and accurately.”  

Chairman of Bangladesh Safe Food Authority Md Abdul Qayyum Sarkar delivered  the health certificates at the ceremony. He said, “The health certificate issued by BFSA for food exports will increase the overall exports of the country.” 

BFSA Member Manzoor Morshed Ahmad presented the keynote speech on safe food laws and regulations in the workshop. He dwelt on various sections and chapters of the Safe Food Act-2013, regulations on food contaminants, use of additives, preservation of healthy environment, food contact, trader’s obligations, pollution, toxins and harmful residues, control of trans fat acids and withdrawal of food products containing toxic substances. 

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