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‘No need to wait for SMS before going to vaccine centres’

Published : 16 Feb 2022 09:28 PM | Updated : 17 Feb 2022 02:34 PM

Waiting for an SMS before going to vaccine centres is not required anymore, said DGHS Line Director and Director of the vaccination campaign Dr Shamsul Haque.

He said, “If someone has registered but has not received an SMS for the vaccine, then there is no need to wait anymore. They can come directly to the vaccination center and we will vaccinate them,” he said. 

He made the statements in the regular virtual health bulletin regarding the overall coronavirus situation in the country on Wednesday afternoon.

The Director of the vaccination programme said that each center has been instructed to send an SMS to everyone. 

“Even then, if anyone has registered but has not received an SMS yet, they can come to the center and get the vaccine,” he added. 

Mentioning that vaccine will be available at the nearest center, he said that from now on, everyone will be able to go to any center near their home to get the vaccine. 

“They will also be provided with a card after taking the vaccine, which can be used as a certificate,” he added. 

He further said that a large-scale special vaccination programme will be conducted on February 26 to vaccinate one crore people.

“Even if more than one crore people come to take the first dose on that day, we will inoculate them. We have preparations. We will discontinue the first dose vaccination programme after February 26. After that day the second dose and booster dose campaign will continue. Second dose and a booster dose is also a big target and we have to meet this target too,” he said. 

He also said that even after getting vaccinated, one has to follow hygiene rules, wear a mask, maintain social distance and wash their hands frequently to keep themselves and the country safe.

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