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Public universities take ‘drastic measures’

No hooliganism on campuses

Published : 11 Oct 2019 09:50 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:56 AM

Country’s public university authorities have taken “drastic measures” to ensure safe and secure campuses for the students. “No hooliganism, humiliation, torture, ragging, drug addiction and other offences will be allowed on the university campuses from here on aiming at ensuring discipline on the campus,” Professor Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, Vice-Chancellor (VC), University of Dhaka told Bangladesh Post on Friday.

If any student is found guilty, he or she would be dealt with severely, the VC warned. Besides, they have also already taken various steps to create a congenial environment for academic, extra-curricular and research activity at their respective campuses. When contacted Dr. Shireen Akhter, Vice Chancellor (Routine Duty), University of Chittagong, echoing the same argument said the university administration has already taken necessary steps to free the campus from all sorts of offences and criminal activities including hooliganism, humiliation, torture, ragging and drug addiction.

“The university administration held a crucial meeting on Thursday in order to ensure friendly environment on the campus. All provosts, house tutors and university proctor have been asked to monitor overall activities of students. And our measures are now visible from today (Friday),” she said.

Apart from the public university authorities, as per Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive, the law enforcement agencies will also conduct raid at student dormitories at every public university and colleges across the country to free them from illegal activities and ‘torture centres’.

Hooliganism by students would not be acceptable as they were studying and living on the dormitories on government subsidy. As part of the move, students who will complete their Masters examination from their respective universities will have to leave the dormitories within 15 days.

No outsiders will be allowed to stay in students’ residential halls or roam on the campuses freely. There were two kinds of illegal dwellers: outsiders and those who have finished student life two or three years ago. A section of leaders and workers of different student wings of political parties allegedly continued assaulting and torturing the general students in order to compel them to either take part in their political programmes or follow their order on the university campuses.

Besides, some senior students allegedly also assaulted and humiliated the junior students in the name of ragging. In the wake of recent incidents of killing, hooliganism and ragging on campuses, academic members of civil society and people from all walks of life urged for a social movement for preventing ragging and bullying culture in the universities.

They said all people should start a social movement for making it clear that this culture is not acceptable, where seniors torture juniors sometimes influenced by politics. “The university authorities have already asked the students to notify their respective dormitories’ provosts and the proctor of the university if they would obtain any specific information about drug addicts or dealers, activities of hooliganism and criminals. We will go tough on them,” Akhtaruzzaman said.

“The hall administration allocates the seats among the first year honours students based on merit. And no student will be allowed to stay without the permission of the administration,” the DU VC said. He added the central library's deadline has already been extended to 9pm in order to facilitate students’ study.

“We have also taken decision to extend the timeline of the central library if necessary and to extend the timeline of the departmental seminar libraries,” he said. Apart from Dhaka University, Jagannath University (JnU) authorities have also imposed a restriction on visitors during academic hours on the campus.

Visitors including those who are not present students and those who have no official purpose have been asked not to enter the campus during class times from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Besides, the university administration in separate drives, evicted about 100 outsiders or illegal dwellers from the campus. The university authorities asked students to show their identity cards when they will enter their respective dormitories.