No end in sight to road crash

Bring discipline to roads, highways

Published : 21 Mar 2024 09:43 PM

We are voicing deep concerns over the loss of lives in road fatalities as 52 years have elapsed since the independence of Bangladesh but roads and highways are still not safe for people. We continued witnessing countless people dying on the roads and highways every day as there is almost no effective measure to prevent accidents.

But we the people do not want to hear the news of such tragic accidents every day. Such death is causing an irreparable loss to every family of the victims. The government took several measures to enhance the vigilance on the roads and highways by utilising the modern information technology to prevent the road accidents. 

But the road crash still remains as a reason for big worry. So, Bangladesh is witnessing fatal road mishaps and many people are dying every day due to a large number of small vehicles plying the highways and a lack of monitoring by the authorities concerned.

At least 555 people were killed and 1,031 were injured in 503 road crashes across the country last month alone. Of the deaths, 210 died in 173 road crashes involving motorcycles, which is 37.83 percent of the total deaths last month, says recent study.

On Wednesday five people of a family were died when a bus rammed into a microbus on Faridpur-Barishal highway at Chagolchira in Maksudpur upazila of Gopalganj district. According to a study, the country experiences over 5,000 road accidents every year that claim over 4,000 lives and injure huge number of people. 

Misapplication of traffic laws and weak enforcement, irregularities and corruption in the traffic department, a massive increase in motorcycles, battery-run rickshaws and three-wheelers, and rampant movements of these vehicles on highways are causing the road accidents every day. Only massive awareness among the public in general about traffic rules, regular training for drivers and necessary infrastructure can be the crucial means of preventing road traffic accidents. 

Road crash still 

remains as a

 reason for 

big worry

We think there is no way but to raise awareness among the masses to prevent road accidents which is a matter of grave concern. 

In a wake to reduce road accidents, the concerned ministries, authorities and non-government organisations must make concerted efforts towards improvement of road safety through engineering measures. 

Unhealthy competition among drivers and reckless driving, renting out buses on contractual basis, employing drivers without any licence, lack of awareness among pedestrians, motorcyclists and small vehicle drivers, and tendency of overloading and overtaking among drivers violating traffic rules are also responsible for the 

road crash. 

Therefore, to us the matter is whether the streets are safe or not, whether the vehicles are abiding by traffic rules or not, whether vehicles have fitness or not and whether the drivers are eligible or not.

If the government fails to bring discipline in streets, massive development and progress in this sector will be impossible. The concerned ministries, authorities and non-government organisations must make concerted efforts towards improvement of road safety through engineering measures. Therefore, strengthen discipline in road transport sector and find ways to prevent road accidents immediately.