No doctors in isolated Chars of Bauphal

Published : 04 Oct 2022 09:03 PM | Updated : 04 Oct 2022 09:03 PM

About 22,000 poor people of Chandradwip Union, separated from the mainland of Baufal Upazila of Patuakhali, do not have any health center or doctor for medical care. The only hope for this neglected population is a health community care provider in a dilapidated community clinic.

It is known that Chandradwip Union was established in 2013 with 11 chars in Tentulia River. About 22 thousand people live in this union. Most of them live below the poverty line. Their main occupations are agriculture and fishermen. No hospital or union health center has been built to ensure medical care, one of the basic needs of poor people. There is no doctor. Also, a union is supposed to have three community clinics, but here there is only one. Which was established in 1998. . The condition of the health center is poor due to the shortage of workforce. One health assistant is engaged 6 days a week and one health assistant for 3 days in the health care of 22 thousand people of Chandradwip. According to the rules, there should be a sub-assistant medical officer two days a week and a family welfare assistant three days a week, but they are not there. 1 kit of medical supplies for every two months for health care of 6 thousand people through a community clinic. With which it is not possible to provide health services to 22 thousand people.

Going to the ground on Tuesday, it can be seen that about 45/50 women, men, old, pregnant mothers and children have come for treatment at Char Wadel Community Clinic of Chandradwip Union.

Those suffering from various diseases including fever, cold, cough, allergy. CHCP of the clinic. Siddiqur Rahman is giving them first aid advice and free medicines. A large number of patients are struggling to be served. There is also a shortage of medicines.

Akbar Howladar of Kachua village who came to seek health care said, "We live in a separate union from the upazila. Trawler is our only vehicle to go to Upazila Hospital. We have to cross Tetulia river to get there. The only hope for our medical services is Siddiqur Rahman of this clinic.

Also many people including Asma Begum (39) of Diara Kachua village, Rabeya Begum of Raisaheb and Jhumur Begum of Char Wadel have come for maternity services. They told Swadesh Pratid, 'We have to come here from far away. They have to bear the immense suffering of not having enough clinics in Chandradeep.

Siddiqur Rahman, Community Health Care Provider of Charwadel Community Clinic of Chandradwip Union said, "There is only one community clinic in Chandradwip Union against one Union Health Center, one Family Welfare Center and three community clinics. Due to which medical services are not possible to reach the common people.

In this regard, Upazila Health Officer Dr. Prashant Kumar Saha said, "There is a shortage of manpower and health centers due to the new union. Two community clinics and a family welfare center are in progress to ensure medical care. It will be implemented soon.