No crisis of medical treatment, relief in Kishoreganj Haors

Published : 02 Jul 2022 08:32 PM | Updated : 02 Jul 2022 08:32 PM

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, India's rain-fed region, is now in a state of flooding due to the flooding of the vast lower reaches of the haor resulting from heavy rainfall. According to the people of Haor, every year they deal with the natural of dry and rainy season. There is no storm, there is no rain, there is no flooding in the lower part of the country. Itna, Mithamin and Ashtagram are better known to the people of this district as haor inhabited areas. To them Haor means Itna, Mithamin and Ashtagram. The floods inundated 1,040 sq km in 24 unions of three upazilas. 

The victims are millions of people, thousands of cattle and hundreds of fish traders. The victims took shelter in the provided shelters. Their life struggle started after the flood. Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq, Member of Parliament for Kishoreganj-4 (Itna-Mithamin-Astagram) constituency, once again won the hearts of the residents of the three upazilas due to their service in the hard time.

It is learned that President Md Abdul Hamid has always taken the news of the flood victims. President's son Itna, Mithamin and Ashtagram MP Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq visited each union and provided food aid. Let no one fall into the relief crisis. MP Tawfiq himself has been monitoring the flood victims to ensure that they do not suffer from food shortages. Every day you go to different shelters and villages to find out if anyone is in any kind of crisis.

He has helped people overcome the extreme uncertainty of families, children and the elderly as the normal life of the flood-affected people has been disrupted. He has overcome that uncertainty with his compassion, prudence and skill. He has supervised to ensure medical services through the doctors of the Upazila Health Complex so that water borne diseases including diarrhea could not overwhelm the people due to the floods. The members of the medical team in charge are also constantly inquiring whether they are providing medical services to the flood victims. There are adequate stocks of medicines in these three upazilas. Sources said that other water borne diseases including diarrhea and dysentery are under control in remote areas of Itna, Mithamin and Ashtagram upazilas.

Manu Mia of Kandipara village in Kewarjor union of Mithamin upazila said, "We make a living by fighting with water." This year we are in a bit of trouble as the lower law is flooded. MP Saab did not leave us short of food and treatment. MP Saab is keeping an eye on all the victims in our union. We have no crisis.

Badal Mia of Kaivarthati in Ghagra union of Mithamin upazila said, “There is no food crisis in our union. Those who say we are in a food crisis give false accusations.

Residents of Itna, Mithamin and Ashtagram upazilas said, "Our MP Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq is always looking for the victims of each union." He himself is going to come to us and tell us if there is any problem so that we are not in food crisis.

Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq, MP from Kishoreganj-4 (Itna-Mithamin-Astagram) constituency, said the water of the haor looks like an ocean throughout the monsoon season and the villages in it look like islands. The way of life of Haor Al is different due to geographical reasons. The ability to adapt to nature introduces us a little differently. MP Tawfiq said Cheripunji in the Indian state of Meghalaya has been suffering a bit this year due to decades of heavy rainfall. However, there is no crisis of treatment and relief in my seat. We have adequate relief stocks.

Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always been by the side of the people of this town. He is supervising the activities all the time, giving instructions. We are continuing the relief activities under his leadership and guidance.