No crisis of essentials during Ramadan: Tipu

Published : 08 Feb 2023 09:25 PM

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Wednesday reiterated that there would be no crisis of essential commodities in the country during the Holy month of Ramadan.

"There will be no crisis of essential commodities during the month of Ramadan as the consumers will be able to get their desired essential items due to pragmatic measures taken by the government," he said.

The Commerce Minister made these comments emerging from a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase (CCGP) held at the Cabinet Division at Bangladesh Secretariat with Agriculture Minister Dr Mohammad Abdur Razzaque in the chair. The meeting approved separate proposals for procuring some 1.10 crore litres of soybean oil through the local open tendering method and 8,000 metric tons of lentils through the international open tendering method.

Tipu said the government usually has to procure essentials for the state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) while it has to procure more ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

"The soybean oil and lentil will be sold among nearly one crore family card holders. Apart from this, LCs are being opened to procure other essential items as the importers are now being able to open up LCs although there were some difficulties in the initial stage," he said.

Answering to a question, he said that the import of fruits is being discouraged to save the foreign currency reserve as the country is now also producing enough fruits.

"So, import of fruits is being discouraged so that pressure is not put on the foreign currency reserve side by side the farmers get fair price of their local produces," he added.

Briefing reporters about the outcome of the meeting, Cabinet Division additional secretary Sayeed Mahbub Khan said that the day's CCGP meeting approved a total of 15 proposals.

He said the TCB would procure some 1.10 crore litres of soybean oil with Taka 194.56 crore whereas per litre soybean oil would cost Taka 176.88 against the previous price of Taka 177. Meghna Edible Oil Refinery will supply this edible oil.

Besides, the TCB would procure some 8,000 metric tons of lentils with Taka 73.28 crore whereas per kg lentil would cost Taka 91.60.