No Covid death in Rajshahi in a week

Published : 29 Oct 2020 08:53 PM

No death has been reported in Coronavirus infection case in Rajshahi division during last eight days ending October-28. Two deaths were reported in the division on October-20. 

However, the presence of Coronavirus was detected after testing samples of 47 persons during the last 24-hour, informed Dr.Gopendranath Acharya, Director of Health of Rajshahi division.

He informed on Tuesday Coronavirus was detected among 18 patients in Rajshahi, six in Rajshahi, 11 in Naogaon, five in Joypurhat and seven in Sirajganj districts while 79 patients recovered in the division during this time.  Of the recovered, 53 belonged to Bogura, 20 in Rajshahi, one in Joypurhat, three in Sirajganj and two in Sirajganj districts.  So far 319 patients died by being attacked in Coronavirus in Rajshahi division. 

So far the total number of Coronavirus infected patients in the district is 20,922 of whom 19,698 have been recovered and 2,502 are under treatment in various hospitals of the division. 

Nine patients by being attacked with Cornavirus have been admitted to the hospital during the last 24-hour.