No arms hooliganism on varsity campus

University is not a place for doing ill politics

Published : 20 Jan 2023 09:49 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said there is no jingle of weapons on the university campus now as Awami League is in power. But there were jingles of weapons in universities once upon a time, the premier said while speaking at a meeting of the standing committee members of the Bangladesh University Council at her official residence Ganabhaban in the capital Dhaka on Thursday.  

Authorities of all the university remain cautious and came up necessary measures to maintain peaceful atmosphere on campuses. However, country’s some public universities already witnessed anarchy in the name of movement last year. Hence, we believe the possibility of recurrence of such incident or firearms hooliganism would not take place on campuses further.

Apart from the Covid-19 pandemic, campus chaos has also affected the students’ academic activities badly, throwing them into uncertainty. All should keep in mind that some elements may instigate the students to create unrest on the university campuses. 

Our students 

and teachers should strive 

to make university 

campuses chaos-free

As the politics of conspiracy is still going on in country, the students should remain alert as there will be tougher challenges in the days to come.

As a peaceful environment atmosphere is prevailing on the university campuses, the conspirators are taking preparations to create unrest in the country centering the universities with a target to oust the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ahead of the next national election. 

As  BNP have no options left, they will now depend on instigating the students in many ways. So, the students and teachers will have to be united further in order to thwart any plot to create unrest on campuses.

All should keep in mind that university is not a place for doing ill politics but it is an institution for higher learning with teaching, research and other extra curricula facilities. In this regard, students will have to work actively participating in the drive to keep the campus outsider-free at different places as the university is not a park or entertainment centre. 

The university administration must discourage the city dwellers not to visit the campus unless necessary. Our students and teachers should strive to make university campuses chaos-free.