Nishita's new song ‘Shamajik Sompriti’

Popular musician Nishita Barua sang in the regional language of Chattogram. The title of the song written by Ashik's friend is 'Shamajik Sompriti'. The melody and music of the song is composed by Sumon Kalyan. The video has already been made in the studio after the recording. It was built by Zafar Al Mamun.

Regarding the song, Nishita Barua said, "Nowadays, social harmony is declining among people. That is why I liked singing the song in the regional language of Chattogram at the initiative of a women's foundation. I have sung in Chattogram’s language before. But it’s a little exception than the other songs. I hope the audience will like it.'

Music director Sumon Kalyan said, ‘Nishita always sings well. She have sung several songs in my music before. This song has also become extraordinary in his voice. The lyrics are also excellent. I am very optimistic about the song. '

Meanwhile, Nishita's song 'Hiya' has already been enjoyed by one crore viewers. This is the first time that any of her original songs has crossed the crore mark. Nishita is quite excited about this.

Sse has already performed on two stage shows in the new year. Nishita said there is no stage show at the moment. Earlier, Nishita's Aarti Mukherjee's 'Tokhon Tomar Ekush Borsho Bodhay' (about one crore and forty lakhs) and Lata Mungeshkar's 'Aaj Mon Cheyeche Ami Hariye Jabo' (about one crore and seventy lakhs) touched millions views.