Nipun sits on general secretary’s chair

Published : 11 Feb 2022 09:04 PM

There is a conflict going on between the film star Zayed Khan and actress Nipun for the post of general secretary of Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association (BFAA) at present. The stars even approached the high court for this issue.

The Chamber Court has stayed the High Court order in favour of Zayed Khan as the general secretary of the Film Artistes’ Association. The hearing of the full bench of the Appellate Division will be held on February 13. Until that day, neither Zayed nor Nipun will be able to take charge of the general secretary post.

Meanwhile, on Thursday February 10, all the organisations of FDC have accepted Nipun as the general secretary of the Artistes’ Association. The leaders of these organisations greeted Nipun with flowers.

Regarding the acceptance of Nipun, the FDC organisations said they have accepted Nipun as the general secretary. For this, they greeted Nipun with flowers.

Meanwhile, Nipun has also put her nameplate – Nipun Akhter, General Secretary, Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association (BFAA) – on the table of the Artistes’ Association.  

Nipun confronted the media after the court hearing on Wednesday February 9. Asked when she is taking charge, Nipun said, “Now there is no obstacle to sit in the chair. But I want to wait for the full bench. I will say only one thing – I have received justice from the Appellate Board, I have also received justice from the court.”

“As shown in court, we have taken the oath. I am already in that chair after taking the oath. So, I can sit in that chair. Now, there is no hindrance here,” she added.

Meanwhile, the newly elected committee of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association, headed by president Ilias Kanchan, paid homage to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with flowers at 12:45 pm on Thursday February 10. After paying his respects, the president prayed for Bangabandhu with all present.

Symon Sadik, joint secretary of the new committee, organising secretary Shahnoor, treasurer Azad Khan, sports and culture secretary Emon, office secretary Arman, executive members Ferdous, Jasmine were present at the time. Besides, Riaz and Nipun were also present. However, the members selected from the Misha-Zayed panel were not seen.

Tomorrow February 13 a decision will be made on who will be the general secretary of the artistes’ association after a full bench hearing.