Nine hurt in BCL in fighting

Published : 09 May 2024 09:49 PM

A fight has taken place between two groups over the dominance of Chattogram College Chhatra League.

This incident took place in Kathaltala area of the college on Thursday afternoon.  At least 9 activists from both sides were injured in this incident.

Chattogram Medical College (CMC) hospital is said to have given first aid to the injured.

The injured in the incident are English 1st year student Jaber Bin Jafar, Degree 1st year student Imtiaz Hossain Chaber, Honours 2nd year student Riaz Uddin, Honours 2nd year student Abdul Majed Faisal, Degree 1st year student Mahibi Tajwar, English 3rd year student Erfan Alam, fourth year student Joni, degree third year student Mizan and Ishtiaq.

Chattogram College Chhatra League Vice President Monirul Islam Monir said that students need envelopes to submit the first year admission documents to the college.  There, Subhash Mallik and his followers are forcing students to buy those envelopes Tk 20 taka for Tk 100.  They beat up some ordinary students for protesting these things.

He got involved in a conflict because he wanted to know the reason for selling envelopes at a higher price.  Some of us were injured in the attack.

Chattogram College Chhatra League General Secretary Subhash Mallik said that College Chhatra League President Mahmudul Karim has not been in the campus for some time.   At such a time suddenly an acting president named Monirul Islam Monir is demanding.  But neither the Central Committee of the Chhatra League nor the Metropolitan Committee gave any such instructions. 

 As it is not possible to do politics with them in college.  That's why they always come to college and attack my staff.

Chattogram College Police Outpost Deputy Inspector Sarwar Azam said that there was trouble between the two sides of the College Chhatra League.  However, the college authorities expelled the two parties from the campus.  At present the situation is calm.

It has been reported that for some time the president of the college Chhatra League Mahmudul Karim has not been able to enter the campus.  Most of Mahmudul Karim's supporters are now doing politics with President Monirul Islam Monir in front.  However, College Chhatra League General Secretary Subhash Mallik Sabuj could not accept the matter easily.  He is not interested in campus politics with Monir.  As a result, conflicts and fights arise between the two parties for maintaining dominance.