Niloy turns Heme’s ’House Husband’

Published : 09 Dec 2023 09:05 PM

Small-screen actors Niloy Alamgir and Jannatul Sumaiya Heme, who captivated audiences with their impeccable performances in tele-dramas, have become a popular pair among viewers. Many of their dramas are gaining popularity on YouTube, with millions of viewers enjoying their performances.

They have both showcased their talent in several dramas directed by Hasib Hossain Rakhi, a young and promising director of this generation. Some of the most notable ones include 'Ek Poloke,' 'Mrs. Disturb,' 'Local Jamai,' 'Mr. Nurse,' and 'Welcome Doctor.'

Rakhi recently made a tele-drama titled 'House Husband,' featuring the duo. He mentioned that the shooting for the tele-drama has been successfully completed in various locations in the capital's Uttara.

Rakhi expressed his feelings, “Niloy bhai (actor Niloy) and Heme are both my favourite artistes. I feel very comfortable working with both of them as they are approachable and collaborative. This positive working dynamic reflects in the quality of our work. Both of them showed great cooperation during the shooting of 'House Husband.'”

“Additionally, Abdullah Rana Bhai, Papia Apa, Azam Bhai, and Mou Shikha Apa also played crucial roles in ensuring the smooth progress of the project,” added the director. 

Niloy said, “Rakhi works meticulously, ensuring the job aligns with the story. After working in several dramas under his direction, I have a good understanding of Rakhi's vision and how to portray it in front of the camera. Needless to say, Rakhi has an excellent work ethic; he has the entire script memorised, ensuring precision in his work. In a word, my working relationship with Heme is fantastic. We appreciate the audience's support and love as a pair."

Heme shared her perspective, “Acting is now my profession, and I am enjoying a wonderful time in my career. I am grateful to the audience and extend my love to all the producers and directors. The story of 'House Husband' is quite emotional, and my working understanding with Niloy Bhai is now a hundred percent right. I am optimistic about this drama.”

In addition, both Niloy and Heme have already completed the work on ‘Sera Jamai,’ a tele-drama written and directed by Mohin Khan.