‘Nigrahakal’: A docu film on Rohingyas

The Rohingya issue is a widely discussed topic. Based on the life-struggles of the Rohingya refugee camps and the urge to return to their homeland, director Prasun Rahman created the full-length film ‘Janmabhumi’.

Again he made a documentary about the same subject. The 48-minute long movie called ‘Nigrahakal’. The premier show of the film took place at the Star Cineplex at Mohakhali SKS Tower on November 14 at 6pm.

Regarding the release of the film, director Prasun Rahman said, “Life-based or real-world movies cannot find a place in this country and many don’t get shown in cinema halls. So we tried to release at the multiplexes. Then maybe we’ll try to release out of town and later on out of the country. The documentary will also participate in a number of international film festivals.”  He added, “When the government of Myanmar in 2017 launched mass killings on the Rohingya population, nearly 11 lakh Rohingyas fled their birthplace to seek refuge. The government of Bangladesh gave shelter to them considering humanitarian aspects. But they have created a major crisis for this country. The huge loss that Bangladesh has suffered by providing shelter to such a large population is the main point I have tried to elaborate on in this docu film.”