Nicolas Cage in talks to return as Spider-Man Noir

Published : 19 Feb 2024 08:43 PM

Recent reports indicate that Nicolas Cage is currently engaged in "serious talks" to reprise his role as the brooding 1930s detective counterpart of Spider-Man, known as Spider-Man Noir. The news, as per The Ankler, has sparked anticipation among fans of the Spider-Man universe.

Cage previously lent his voice to the grizzled character in the acclaimed animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse." Now, it seems that discussions are underway for Cage to once again don the fedora and trench coat in an upcoming series set in 1930s New York City. However, official confirmations regarding his return are still pending.

If Cage's return as Spider-Man Noir materializes, it would mark a significant milestone in the actor's career, as he would be reclaiming the web-slinger spot at the age of 60. Whether Cage's involvement will extend beyond voicing the character remains uncertain, with questions lingering about whether he will commit to portraying the character in a more permanent capacity or simply provide his voice for the role.

Setbacks for "Silk" series amidst WGA strikes

In the midst of recent developments in the Spider-Man universe, setbacks have been reported for the highly anticipated "Silk" series, which was slated to be a live-action spin-off within the Spider-Man universe, co-produced by MGM+ and Amazon Studios.

Initially set to enter production, the series faced an unexpected obstacle as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike disrupted its progress. Despite initial plans to convene the Silk Writers Room in mid- to late January, recent updates reveal that Amazon has scrapped the project's writers' room entirely.

The series was poised to explore the story of Cindy Moon, a Korean-American character who shares a similar radioactive spider bite origin with Peter Parker. Sources suggest that the writers' room had already begun crafting narratives for several episodes before the WGA strike intervened, halting progress on the project.

As the Spider-Man universe navigates through these challenges, fans eagerly await further developments regarding both Nicolas Cage's potential return as Spider-Man Noir and the future of the "Silk" series amidst the aftermath of the WGA strikes.