Neymar put himself before prosecutors as alleged rape case unfolds

Neymar testified to Brazilian prosecutors for five hours on Thursday in the wake of rape allegations made by a 26-year-old woman, says Goal.

The Brazil star spoke to local authorities in the wake of the recent allegations

Najila Trindade accused the Paris Saint-Germain star of raping her in a Paris hotel, calling the May 15 incident "an assault together with rape".

The winger has vehemently denied the allegations levied against him, and has not been charged with any crime by Brazilian authorities.

On Thursday, Neymar provided testimony to Sao Paulo authorities for five hours before making a statement to the press.

"I will be brief... I just want to thank the support and care from all those who had sent me messages," Neymar said. "And to say that I am calm. The truth will appear, sooner or later. The only wish I have right now is that this case ends as fast as possible". 

Before Neymar's statement, the three prosecutors who interrogated him also made a brief statement of their own - in Portuguese - to the local media.

"He answered all the questions. From now on, the commissioner Juliana Bussacos will take the other actions needed to conclude the investigation.

"As the inquiry is confidential, we cannot say anything about these actions. He answered all the questions in a satisfactory way. He denied the crime." The Brazil star had previously spoken with Rio de Janeiro police over his publication of videos and messages allegedly of his accuser to his Instagram account without her approval.